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Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira


Senior Pastor - City of Worship

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For more than twenty Years, Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira has touched the hearts of many across the nation through her dynamic ministry and has sowed a seed of hope in many people’s lives, and for future generations to follow.

As a Senior Pastor, Bishop Ferreira began by founding a non-denominational church in London in the year 1994. Bishop Ferreira prides herself on embracing diversity, community support, exceptionalism, and spreading the word of God. Bishop Ferreira serves both the local and global community with her ministry. It is a culmination of years of service to the Christian and wider communities and an unyielding faith in God that are credited for her many testimonies. In this century, Bishop Ferreira has been instrumental in spreading the word of God through church services, conferences and guest appearances around the world and throughout the UK. 

As a humanitarian, Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira’s intimacy with philanthropy can be traced back to the mid-1990s where she travelled to Bosnia during the war to give aid to the victims. This vivid experience ultimately led to the establishment of her Humanitarian Ministry “Ray of Hope” with a vision to provide victuals for the needy across the UK and worldwide. Her support to children’s charities extends to her home where after more than a decade of fostering, Bishop Ferreira has graced the lives of more than sixty children with maternal love, moral guidance, and instilled in them the essential pillars that have steered her towards their enlightened path.

Bishop Ferreira’s humanitarian work in Uganda has been recognised by a slew of charity organisations including the Red Cross, Uganda. In addition, in 2017, Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira received a Doctorate for her humanitarian work and service in ministry. Consequently, in 2018, she was nominated as UK Goodwill Ambassador, Uganda Red Cross Society. 

Although Bishop Ferreira suffered as part of a previous volatile marriage, she has successfully raised two children; Krystle and Malachi.

Krystle, the eldest, a joyous figure with extensive educational achievements in the legal sector has gone on to become a successful advocate in Law.

Malachi has grown to charter the same hereditary course, ingrained with academic success and impeccable societal standing, endowed with the essential qualities of singing and a resounding love for God.
Reverend Malachi currently stands as the Co-Pastor of City of Worship.

Befittingly, Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira’s message to today’s society is “to live by example, love, appreciate, be patient, and treasure the word of God.” 


Reverend Malachi Ferreira

Co-Pastor - City of Worship

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Reverend Malachi Ferreira is a multi-faceted musician, Music Subject Lead and KS2/3 school teacher, music technician, website and app designer and Co-Pastor of City of Worship.

As a student, Malachi was awarded a first class degree. Following this he returned to university to further his education and received his PGCE. These qualifications enabled him to go on to pursue his ambition of becoming a teacher.

As a teacher, Malachi enjoys instilling his knowledge and passion for helping others through the educational sector, where he plays a vital role in moulding the outcome for the lives of many. Mixed with his passion for music and computing, Malachi lights up the classroom and serves as role model to his students.

As Musician, Malachi is the head of the worship team as well as the music director. His charisma and vocal ability have captured the attention of thousands all over the globe, regardless of age or preferred genre. Malachi has graced a variety of religious and political platforms, all over the world in his years of ministry through his vocal ability and preaching. As well as being an avid vocalist, Malachi is also a drummer.

As Co-Pastor, Malachi preaches and teaches the unadulterated word of God and offers spiritual wisdom to his congregation. Malachi believes that each person’s relationship with God is personal and grows through the nourishment of biblical teaching and sincere worship.​

Malachi is the son of Senior Pastor, Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira. Malachi, his wife Bethanie and their Son reside in Cambridgeshire.

Reverend Malachi Ferreira City of Worship

Bethanie Ferreira

Administrative Pastor - City of Worship

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Mrs Bethanie Ferreira, is a musician, college music lecturer, sportsperson, culinary arts enthusiast, and owner of Bethanie’s Cake Designs and Bethanie’s Music Tuition. 

As a student, Bethanie graduated with a first class degree and has also achieved many dance, sports, instrumental and theoretical awards since she was a child.

As a lecturer, Bethanie provides extensive knowledge through the post compulsory education sector. In addition Bethanie offers peripatetic instrument and theory lessons to people of all ages and abilities. Many of Bethanie’s students have gone on to achieve distinctions in their examinations.

As a musician, Bethanie is a first instrument saxophonist and plays an additional six instruments. Bethanie has performed at many venues, including concerts, within orchestral symphonies and religious venues, locally and worldwide. Bethanie regularly accompanies her husband in the worship team through playing various instruments.

As a culinary artist, Bethanie has received various culinary related qualifications. Bethanie's company "Bethanie’s Cake Designs" was recently awarded a five star rating from food hygiene standards.

Bethanie is the wife of Co-Pastor Reverend Malachi Ferreira and the daughter-in-law of Senior Pastor, Bishop Dr. Margaret E. Ferreira. Bethanie along with her husband, Malachi and Son reside in Cambridgeshire.

Mrs Bethanie Ferreira City of Worship
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